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Product description

Fits iPhone 12 Pro Max and below easily!

Thanks to the Waterproof Wallmount Mobile Phone Box Mountable Case, now you can enjoy your shower and completely forget about falls and excess water on your phone. YAAASS, THIS CASE IS PERFECT !!

Shower Pro Mountable Case Demonstration Gif

The 'Waterproof Wallmount Mobile Phone Box' is sensitive to the touch, allowing you to use your phone at all times, now you can watch your movie or listen to your favorite music in the shower without any problem.

Widely Applicable

This case easily adheres to multiple surfaces such as wood, marble, glass, metal, and many more.

Shower Pro Mountable Case Demontraion on different surfaces

Easy To Use

Just make sure the surface is dry before applying the adhesive. No need for punching, just peel off the backing paper and stick. not easy to deform or fall off.


fits all mobile phones under 6.8 inches.

Shower Pro Mountable Case case dimensions


 1 x Waterproof Wallmount Mobile Phone Box