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Product description

Sunset Projector Lamp

The Original Golden Hour Sunset Projector Lamp is the perfect addition to any space to bring an element of warmth and a golden aesthetic to any room.

4 different vibrant color patterns, including Sun, Setting Sun and Sunset, and Rainbow. Choose which color suits your aesthetic! 

Our Sunset Projector Lamps are becoming increasingly popular and you may have seen them feature recently in many TikTok videos. 

This Sunset Lamp provides a high-powered LED and an advanced optical projection system which gives the effect of golden hour light flooding through your windows, at any time in the day. The light brings a beautiful warming element to any room and is reminiscent of stunning artwork when projected onto walls. 

Unlike many other sunset projection lamps you see on the market, our Sunset Lamps are made using premium quality Aluminium meaning they are durable and long-lasting. 

You can even use it as a great backdrop for photos and photography projects, adding a beautiful background sunset-hue to any image. 

The Original Sunset Projector Lamp™ Main Features:

  • Comes in 4 different color styles to choose from
  • The lamp head rotates up to 180 degrees! 
  • Easily adjustable so you can point it in any direction
  • Compatibility with USB power supply 

The Original Sunset Projector Lamp™ Specifications:

  • USB Compatability - 1.2m USB Cable 
  • 26cm in Height
  • 12cm in Width 
  • 4 Colors: Sun, Setting Sun, Sunset, Rainbow 
  • Made of incredibly durable, high-quality Aluminium

Our Golden Hour Glow Sunset Lamps are incredibly popular and selling out fast, and due to this have longer postage times than normal, so make sure to grab one before they sell out!