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Product description

This fountain kit creates a cost-effective and efficient pump that runs entirely on solar power and requires no electricity or batteries!

The solar-powered water fountain comes with a variety of heads that produce various types of water streams from the pump. Some shower heads provide a gentle mist, while others deliver a powerful jet of water that propels the water higher than the rest.

  • Solar panels with great efficiency and a new brushless pump make up the solar birdbath fountain.
  • It floats on water and does not require electricity. When the sun shines on the solar panel, it will start automatically.
  • It's ideal for a birdbath, a fish tank, a small pond, a pool, a garden, a patio, a grass, and water circulation for oxygen, among other things.

Product Specifications

Solar Panel Power: 8V 1.4w
Brushless Pump Power: 7V 160mA
Maximum Spray Height: 45CM
Maximum Flow: 180L/H
The Maximum Head: 120CM

Product Features

Start: when there is no sunshine pump stop working, reappear sunshine pump restart within 3 seconds.

Life span: > 20,000 hours

Working hours on sunny days: 8:00 AM~ 5:00 PM

Product Includes

1 x Solar Powered Water Fountain