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Product description

Beautiful flowers will transform your cakes into spectacular culinary wonders!

You can simply create 3D exquisite hydrangeascherry flowersdaisies, and petunias like a bakery professional with our blossom kit, which includes 4-style petal molds and cutters. Simply use a cutter to cut your fondant/gum paste, insert it in the mold, and press to achieve all the features of a gorgeous bloom! Explore the art of elegant, garden-like confections by decorating your own pastry with inventiveness.

Reusable and durable, healthful and safe to use, made of quality food-grade silicone and stainless steel (FDA Standard). The non-stick, flexible surface ensures perfectly molded fondant flowers that come out easily. There is no longer any sticky residue.


  • Vivid 3D Fondant Flowers:
    Different sorts of petal-shaped cutters are available to make diverse flower species. The fondant petals are realistic and bakery-quality, with delicate embellishments. Blooming little fondant flowers on your cakes is a classic and elegant method to decorate!

    • Easy-Release Mold:
      Made of durable stainless steel and flexible siliconeNon-stick and odorless. Allows you to quickly and easily demold flowers without causing damage or mess in about 10 seconds.
    • Food-Grade Material:
      Stainless steel and superior food-grade silicone (FDA Standard). Reusable and long-lasting, as well as healthful and secure to use.

    • Easy to Use:
      Simply cut out gum paste or fondant with the cutter and place in the moldpress together, and that's it! Includes 1 vibrant petal mold and 1 cutter for 1 basic set.

    • Widely Applicable:
      Not only for gum paste and sugar paste cake decorations, but also for edible art (jelly, chocolate, etc.) and non-edible crafts (soap, clay, and more).


      • MATERIALS: Silicone, Stainless steel
      • MOLD SIZE:
        - Hydrangea: 27 x 8 mm
        - Cherry Blossom: 35 x 10 mm
        - Daisy: 31 x 8mm
        - Petunia: 42 x 10.5 mm
      • CUTTER SIZE:
        - Hydrangea: 26 x 13 mm
        - Cherry Blossom: 30 x 13 mm
        - Daisy: 34 x 13 mm
        - Petunia: 30 x 13 mm


      • Single Set:
        - 1 Cutter + 1 Petal Mold
      • Set A ( Petunia + Hydrangea + Cherry Blossom ):
        - 3 Cutters + 3 Petal Molds
        • Set B ( Daisy + Hydrangea ):
          - 2 Cutters + 2 Petal Molds
          • Happy Set ( 4 Styles ):
            - 4 Cutters + 4 Petal Molds