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Product description

Duplicate Remote Controls In Seconds!


Never be locked out of your vehicle again! Duplicate your existing remote control for cars, sunroofs, garage doors, rolling gates, heating systems, wireless anti-theft devices, and home automationΒ in seconds with the Remote Control Duplicator! It lets you make a copy of any key in just a few simple steps!

Don't worry about your privacy and safety being compromised; this duplicator adopts one-to-one key copying technology and the password of each key is saved individually. It features high transfer sensitivity and no signal blocking. The copy transmitter switch is durable, plus you can easily take it anywhere with its built-inΒ key chainΒ to copy devices on the go!


  • WIRELESS REMOTE-CONTROL DUPLICATOR - Duplicate existing remote controllers for cars, car sunroofs, garage doors, gate doors, heating systems, home automation e.g. lighting, etc.
  • ABCD FOUR BUTTONS - Respectively copy four different types of chipsΒ allowing the device toΒ operate up to four different types of devices.
  • FIXED FREQUENCY - Works on 433MHz fixed codes and learning codes; while the transmission distance is 50-100m (open space)
  • ONE-TO-ONE KEY COPY TECHNOLOGY - The password of each key is saved individually and is reliable.
  • PORTABLE HUMANIZED DESIGN - It includes a handy key chain so you can attach it to your car keys. A button slide cover protects the buttons from an accidental unplanned operation.



    • Press the A & B button at the same time. In about 2 seconds the LED light will flash 3 times and then go out.
    • Release the B button while continuing to press the A button without releasing it.
    • Press the B button 3 times. The LED light will flash rapidly and continuously (while button A is still being held) which indicates that the code has been cleared.
    • Release the A button and successfully clear the code.
    • Take the original remote control in one hand and the Clone Remote Control in the other hand. Keep the two remote controls as close as possible.
    • Press the first keys of the two remote controls simultaneously and you should see the LED light flashing 2 times and then slowly flash another 3 times.
    • You have now successfully cloned the remote button function



  • Size: 55mm x 28mm x 14mm
  • Operating frequency: 433MHz
  • Powered by: 27A 12V battery (included)
  • Channel: 4
  • Distance: Up to 100 meters


  • 1 x Remote Control Duplicator