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Product description

Like bubble wrap, BUT BETTER!

  • Improve Sensory - Push Pops Bubble Sensory ToyΒ helps to build nerve connections in young brains through the association with the Push and Pops. Our unique sensory formula encourages scientific thinking and problem-solving skills from a young age.Β 
  • Anxiety & Stress Relief -Β Just like popping bubble wrap feels satisfying; pushing and popping the Push Pops Bubble Sensory Toy releases endorphins in our brains that can help relieve anxiety and stress problems.
  • Portable & Reusable -Β Take your Push Pops Bubble Sensory ToyΒ anywhere with you at any time while using it infinitely. Your new favorite toy is perfect for long boring journeys.

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Let's admit it, we all love popping bubble wrap. Especially kids. We designed the ergonomicΒ Push It Proβ„’ to give you the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap while helping the planet stay GREEN through eco-friendly, reusable materials.

  • The Push Pops Bubble Sensory ToyΒ has many incredible functions apart from the innovative sensory benefits they can have on us. How about a coaster for your coffee in the office after a thrilling 5 minutes of pushing and popping? Don't worry, we won't tell your boss.

Throw it, bend it, wash it and dry it. Nothing will stop the Push Pops Bubble Sensory ToyΒ from being awesome.Β From all these great functionsΒ it brings, we've picked a favorite:

A fun and brain-engaging game to play with family or friends. The aim of the game is simple, don't be the last to pop.

Aim of the Game:Β To successfully force the opponent to push the last bubble


  1. Players must pop 1 - a full row of bubbles on their turn.Β It's up to that player the amount they'd like to push however, it must be no greater than 1 row.
  2. Taking in turns, players will be left with fewer and fewer to push, the final bubble to push is the losing pop and the opposing player will be declared the winner.
  3. Repeat until a best out of 3 winners has been achieved.

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Packaging: PP Bag

Package Includes: Push Pops Bubble Sensory Toy

Size: 12cm x 12cmΒ 

Material: TPR

Weight: 170g