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Product description

This Labyrinth Door Knocker is so eye-catching 😍 It has many important symbolic meanings, it will magically turn your home into the most mysterious place ❤️ I believe everyone will be excited by this decoration 🎁

NOTE: each Labyrinth Door Knockers is unique and made by hands, that's why a small deviation from the photos in the listing is possible ☝️

These Labyrinth Door Knockers are 3D Printed, then faces cast in high-quality resin and hand-finished in AMAZING Detail!

The rings are functional and swing to knock. They have been protected with a clear coat.
There are 3 holes for screws so your knockers can be hung/attached.

Right Door Knocker Measures: 15cm x 26cm (~6" x ~10")
Left Door Knocker Measures: 15cm x 17cm (~6" x ~7")


1 x Labyrinth Door Knockers

So you are ensured to receive a high-quality product, that will please you and be in perfect condition for years to come🤗

Care instruction: wipe with a wet cloth.