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Product description

Hair Brushes Just Got A Major Upgrade!

Let’s face it…brushing can be a lot of hassle – especially when your hair needs to be managed…That won’t be an issue thanks to our innovative Ultra Detangler!

It gently detangles your hair into soft, manageable locks & helps to retain moisture and release negative ions – thanks to its sturdy yet soft bristles and huge coverage area…Repeated use rejuvenates your hair follicles – hence leaving you with shiny, healthy-looking hair.

The Ideal Hair Brush That’s A Must Have In Your Drawer…

The nylon tips and bristles of the Detangler Hair Brush gently glide through tangled and wet hair without the discomfort that traditional brushes cause. Its broad, curved, and flexible body conforms to your head for a softer, smoother ride.

Oh, and did I mention the best part? When blow-drying, the open slats of this brush allow for more airflow. You can now remove tangles painlessly while getting up to 5x more beautiful, radiant hair thanks to this brush.

Benefits That Go Above & Beyond

✔︎ Bristles that Make the Difference – This brush has small and large bristles that help detangle thick hair and massage the scalp like never before. It also helps with oiling because the bristles complement one another and spread oil from the root to the tip of your hair.

✔︎ Smooth Blow-dry Ventilation - This hairbrush has a curved design and open slats for quick drying with a hairdryer.

✔︎ Non-Slip Grip for Easy Brushing – The Detangler Hair Brush has a textured handgrip that prevents slippage while brushing and prevents the brush from falling out of your hands.

✔︎ Oversized Head for Maximum Reach – This hairbrush has a large head with a curved shape that can reach optimal contact points and angles.

✔︎ Ideal For All Hair Types Detangler Hair Brush can be used by men, women, and children. It doesn't matter if your hair is long, short, or you wear extensions – this brush will work its magic every time!


1 x Detangler Hair Brush