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Product description
Sizes run small, please order a size or two up. Size small may be too small for most adults.

Rejuvenate yourself with this easy-to-use posture corrector. Stop slouching and sitting hunched over, sit up straight and tall to greatly increase your appearance and overall confidence. Great for both men and women looking to achieve a classy posture.

A few of the many benefits that come with good posture:

  • High self-esteem - Standing up tall gives you a presence that's noticed. It makes you look confident, self-assured, younger, and elegant.
  • Look slimmer - When you stand or sit up tall you lengthen your frame allowing pounds to distribute evenly making you look more slender.
  • Reduce pain - A good posture will reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain. It can also reduce headaches by decreasing muscle tension in the back of the neck.
  • Increased energyWhen your bones and joints are in correct alignment, it allows the muscles to be used as they’re intended, so you’ll have less fatigue and more energy.
  • Prevent serious problems - Being proactive about your posture will keep your bones and joints in the correct alignment preventing the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions.


1 x Adjustable Posture Corrector