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Stay Happy and Feel Young with AcuMat!

For the first time ever, enjoy a do-it-yourself acupuncture experience from home at any time. The AcuMat is a revolutionary mat that you can sit, stand, lay down on or mold to any part of your body. Use pillows to mold the AcuMat and create pressure on any area of your body. Each Lotus Mat has over 230 spike plates that contain 27 spikes, by placing your body on this mat you will be hitting multiple pressure points even without being experienced in acupuncture. AcuMat has huge health benefits for all types of people from the elderly, to young athletic people. 

AcuMat works by causing the body to release endorphins, oxytocin, and “feel good” hormones that relax the mind and help the body naturally heal itself.
  • Pain Reduction Naturally reduce muscle tension, back pain, and headaches by simply laying on the mat daily for 10-30 minutes. Acupressure releases endorphins that block pain and helps relax the muscles in your back, neck, and feet.

  • Full Support The cushioned foam mat is large enough to fit your full back, and unlike many mats that only cover your back, this set also includes a pillow covered in our patented acupressure points for neck support and more holistic pain relief.

  • Relaxation & Stress Relief Lay back and relax onto this “bed of needles” to massage pressure points that help release tight muscles and relieve stress. Use prior to bedtime to improve your rest and reduce insomnia.

  • Increased Energy & Circulation - Thousands of acupressure points stimulate nerves and improve blood circulation for increased energy and faster muscle recovery, making it great for users who sit at a desk daily, as well as active individuals and athletes.

  • High Quality - The Acumat is made of 100% thick cotton & plant-based eco foam. The mat itself has 6,210 acupressure points and the neck pillow has 1,782 acupressure points.


  • Material: Composite Material
  • Color: Green, Black, Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink, Dark Green, Gray
  • Mat Size: Approx 68 x 42 cm
  • Pillow Size: Approx 38 x 15 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 667g


      • 1x Acupuncture Mat
      • 1x Acupuncture Pillow
      • 1x Bag