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Product description

6 Shots Glass Wine Pourer Rack have found you the next level party hack you have been missing out on!

Β  US$ 45.8 - 6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder - m.cccinlife.com | Glass  dispenser, Shot glass holder, Wine dispenser

6 shots all at once! No more waiting in long sweaty cues! Wherever you are this is for you! Pool parties, house parties, even in the club take this with you wherever you go. It is compact, a good size, and will take your events to the next level. All you have to do is bring your liquor, bring your friends, andΒ drink your SHOTS!

The Shot Buddy is an awesome and entertaining way to pour shots! The 6 shot  glass dispenser pours and evenly … in 2020 | Glass dispenser, Shot glass  holder, Liquor pourersΒ Β 

We don’t want to keep you reading here for long, so we will keep it short and sweet so you can find out what you’re missing onΒ πŸ˜‰


Features of the 6 Shots Glass Wine Pourer Rack:


  • Worldwide renowned product currently going OFF. The latest invention allowing you to serve 6 guests a shot all at once, or if you’re greedy 6 shots to yourself :P


  • Portable and Durable: This product is unlikely to break, it is made of biodegradable non-toxic plastic. This means it is unlikely you will need to buy many other ones in the future unless you want to serve 12, 18, or ever 24 guests’ shots all at once! However, your value for money is guaranteed.


  • Easy to clean and reuse. The Friday, Saturday, and Sunday bender doesn’t have to stop because you ran out of shot cups or are low on cash from the big night before. Save your money and your time just give this a quick rinse and you’re good to go.


  • Suitable for all occasions! Have your box night, birthday, or house party covered, and don’t forget to thank us later by hashtagging #eazyshots


This lit kit includes:

1 xΒ Glass Wine Pourer Rack (12.3cm x 13.2cm)

6x Plastic shot glasses