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Product description

Behold thegerm-free, antibacterialand hygienic alternativeto your regular, smelly sponges.Madeofpremium food-grade silicone that doesn't break or tear, so you can stop worrying about purchasing a new sponge every other week.Not only does it save time, money, and the environment, it alsobrings powerful cleaning results!


2 Types Of Scrubbing Bristles
Contains two different types of scrubbing bristles (one on each side), including short bristles for stubborn messes and longer bristles for delicate dishes.

Nylon Scraper
The toughest messes are no match for the sturdy scraper, for those super-tough, burnt-on messes that just wont soak away, use the nylon scraper on the end for enough toughness to handle the stains.

When you have a flat, smooth surface you need to clean,just reach for the squeegee. With a flat, stiff but soft edge that will wipe away spills and liquids. It's a great add-on for cleaning plates, countertops, or sinks.

Built-In Soap Dispenser
InsideRe-Kitch Silicone Sponge is a cavity that you can fill with washing-up liquid soap which is then dispensed through the surface to the right where you need it. Now, with a constant supply of suds, you can wash dishes from pots and pans to plates, cups, and cutlery- even glasses.

Odorless & Anti-Bacteria
Constructed with food-grade silicone that never absorbs water, which means that no dirty water can sit and smell up your kitchen. Whenever you feel like its time to wash your sponge, you can easily throw it in the dishwasher or boiling water to disinfect the sponge.

Durable & Non -Porous
Made ofpremium food-grade silicone,which isBPA-free,FDA-approved,and LFGB standard. The sponge will notbreak or tearno matter how much you bend it. Specifically built to last for a very long time.



  • 1 x 3in1 Silicon Cleaning Sponge