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Product description

Never Miss a Frame Again!

Portable 360 Rotation Phone Tracking Dock With Camera is a next-generation gimbal featuring a built-in ultra-wide-angle camera and AI algorithm driven by a dual-core CPU dedicated to track your every moment and keep you in the frame. You can truly go hands-free without any app restrictions.

360 Rotation Phone Tracking Dock is perfect for video calls, live streaming, tutorials, performance videos, and many more!

  • AI Tracking: Auto recognizes and tracks your face or body as you move in front of the 360 Rotation Phone Tracking Dock. Go fully hands-free on video calls and live to stream

  • No App Required: 360 Rotation Phone Tracking Dock has a built-in camera system, which can track and rotate intelligently. It does not use an app to track so you can freely use all the functions of the mobile phone when shooting

  • Cover Every Angle:360° rotation angle, adjustable clip. 104° field of view angle of the lens and 42° rotation speed per second ensure that the tracking tripod can track your movement, wherever you go, you’re the focus all the time

  • Rechargeable Battery: Built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, can work continuously for 6-8 hours after fully charged.

  • Tripod Compatibility: 360 Rotation Phone Tracking Dock comes with a standard 1/4' screw thread at the bottom that enables you to mount it to your tripod and adjust its angle and height to easily capture your desired results.

Package included:
1x cable.
1x 360 Rotation Phone Tracking Dock
1x introduction.

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